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The journey for is to find your way of authentically being in the world. It’s this process of finding you being you and staying you that is will lead you to true well-being.

We all journey through highs and lows. Whether they are emotional reactions, the fluctuation of hormones, or the self-regulation of our nervous systems, all are necessary and completely natural. For us to be truly well, we need to live in a way that honors our:

  • Body rhythms and fluctuations
  • Emotional processing and discernment
  • Connection and relatedness
  • Intuition
  • Natural sensuality
  • Multitasking abilities
  • Deep connection with the cycles of life

Through deepening awareness and insight, we can learn to flow with these rhythms and mindfully manage our choices. This is the essence of healthy self-awareness, an ability to hold the space for ourselves and move through the world connected to our core self.

Join us for an experience from which you’ll emerge more whole and real and empowered to be your best self.

Come Home to Soul is a group coaching, reflection, and meditation journey where I will guide a small group on a process of self-discovery and recovery. Each week we will gather for 60 minutes of reflection, meditation, and conversation. The benefit is an ability to show up in your life connected and inspired.

This offering is directly inspired by my studies with Camille Maureen and Dr. Lorin Roche and their enlightening body of work. I share this knowledge with deepest respect and gratitude.


When your inner being blooms, you begin to emanate a special essence.

~Camille Maureen


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