We are in the midst of an unprecedented era in human history, where the Earth is home to 8 billion people, and we have reached such a pitch that we can know everything happening with the touch of a button. With myriad sources vying for our attention, never before have we confronted such a multitude of choices and information. The overload impacts our ability to rest, recover, and enjoy our lives.

In a world of so much distraction, learning how to cultivate inner well-being is not only helpful but essential. Practicing meditation gives us the internal flexibility to move through a complex world while maintaining a sense of well-being. Shifting from external stimulation to internal fulfillment, we learn to balance our outer experience with our inner integrity.

The fundamental ground of being is always there, under the surface, waiting to be felt.


Given the slightest attention, it reveals itself.

Dr. Lorin Roche

The most powerful resource for inner well-being is meditation. Meditation is the elixir, a way to nurture our inner selves amidst the chaos. Fortunately, our instinct for meditation is natural, we only need a bit of training and practice to realize its benefits. Hundreds of studies now show how regular meditation’s benefits extend into every area of life (see my article The Benefits of Meditation).

The approach to meditation that I share and coach, Instinctive Meditation, is specifically designed for people of this modern world. Our perspective is that meditation is a natural instinct, integral to our built-in mechanisms for self-regulation and adaptation. Instinctive Meditation is interesting, dynamic, and founded in science, with many techniques to suit our busy lives. With a wealth and variety of approaches, anyone can find fulfillment and enrichment.

In these rapidly changing times, the best we can do for ourselves and those we care about is to make time for our inner well-being. Want to learn how? Reach out!