Empowering you toward greater health, well-being, and personal expansion.

Weaving mindfulness, embodiment, energy work, meditation, and contemporary coaching psychology, I will lead you through essential practices for healing, growth, and personal transformation. Together, we will cultivate self-awareness, nurture self-care, and foster empowerment to play an active role in both personal and collective healing.

Choose this if you…

…are ready to prioritize your health and well-being
…feel called to rediscover yourself after years of dedication to career or family
…find yourself at a pivotal turning point in your life
…yearn for a deeper sense of connection and purpose
…desire to feel truly comfortable and at home in your body
…consider making lifestyle changes
…wish to explore new horizons
…are seeking inspiration and a passion for life

Inspired by my own recovery and more than two decades of immersion in the healing arts and sciences, my intention is to provide you with a secure sanctuary of personalized guidance and transformative coaching. Beyond our sessions, you’ll practice embodying a new way of being that contributes to personal and collective health, wellness, and well being.

  • Empower yourself through mind, body, and imagination
  • Develop a mind-body practice that supports health, wellness, and well being
  • Get clear on your intentions and vision
  • Embrace your true nature
  • Rediscover curiosity, wonder, and appreciation for life
  • Restore the sacred
  • Unlock your innate radiance


3 month commitment $1500

Includes weekly private 1:1 coaching with ongoing and evolving support.

*Please note: Insight Coaching is not intended as a substitute for psychotherapy or clinical mental healthcare, but can be a natural “next step” once clinical care is satisfied.


The ability to listen deeply and tune in to your essence is the key to a life of well being.

While modern society often fixates on physicality, the truth is that as we age, we are evolving to become more internally aware. When we develop this awareness, it can lead to all kinds of positive changes: better emotional regulation, happiness, presence, agency, compassion, and a more positive body image.

Choose this if…
…you’ve tried to meditate without success
…you’re eager to learn meditation but uncertain where to start
…you wish to experience the proven benefits of meditation
…you imagine having a consistent and enjoyable meditation practice
…you long to reignite your zest for life

Together we will explore the dynamic art of meditation, crafting a personalized practice of techniques, and empowering you to meditate with confidence and ease.

Doorways to meditation we will explore:

  • Accepting, welcoming, celebrating
  • Embracing all parts (even the unpleasant ones)
  • Mindfulness and the senses
  • Needs and instincts
  • Emotions
  • Rhythms, seasons, and cycles
  • Desire
  • Improvisation, change, and spontaneity
  • Embodiment, interoception, and attunement

3 month commitment $975
Includes weekly private 1:1 coaching with ongoing and evolving support.


Experience the benefits of a regular and intentional practice.

Join our small group classes from your home and learn the essentials of a supportive practice. Classes include somatics, mindfulness, breathing, and meditation.

Benefits of regular practice include:

  • Stress reduction
  • Mental clarity
  • Better posture
  • Improved flexibility and strength
  • Enhanced balance
  • Greater resilience
  • Mindfulness
  • Balanced energy
  • Deepened appreciation of life

From our classes, you will find yourself feeling realigned, restored, and renewed!

    (6 months experience, full mobility required)
  • FRIDAYS: MOVEMENT & MEDITATION 9:30-10:45 AM EST (all levels)

Whatsapp required