Empowering you toward greater health, well-being, and personal expansion.

In this time of global transformation, we all need access to a wide range of inner resources to help us feel centered, sovereign, and supported. I’ve studied with some of the greatest wisdom teachers of our time to learn the practices that deepen mind-body coherence, compassion, and well being.

  • Change your health
  • Build stability
  • Heal your heart
  • Empower your mind
  • Know yourself
  • Reclaim wonder

Weaving embodiment, meditation, and coaching psychology, in our 1:1 sessions we dive deep to create a formula for personal transformation. Here’s how:

  • Reflect
  • Get curious
  • Set intentions
  • Practice embodiment
  • Invoke the relaxation response
  • Build homeostasis in the bodymind

Beyond our sessions, you’ll have the tools and inspiration to meet life in a fresh and empowered way.

This is for you if…

…you want to learn or deepen meditative experience
…you seek practical techniques to support your life and relationships
…you crave change and ways to restore your energy
…you wish to live authentic to your needs
…you want to fall in love with life and live life more fully

Become part of the emerging paradigm of well being. Change begins deep within each of us.


Empowering you to build a next-level lifestyle.

Lifestyle Design Coaching includes envisioning, goal setting, behavior change, and accountability around areas of health and wellness.

Learn to access the motivation and confidence to make sustainable change. Here’s how we do it:

One: clarify
We begin with a series of conversations and exercises engineered to reveal the values, dreams, and relationships that inspire and give your life meaning. As self-understanding deepens, we will tap into your “why” and your natural sources of motivation.

Two: design
Next, we’ll imagine the possibilities as we create a vision that aligns with your values, motivations, and dreams. We’ll design a plan of specific actions you will take to move you forward toward your vision.

Three: integrate
As you practice living the changes you wish to make, you will inevitably meet challenges and obstacles. We will navigate this terrain together by monitoring your confidence, motivation, and progress.

Long after our work together ends, you’ll have the tools and resources to keep progressing!

Choose Lifestyle Design if …
…you are ready to make health and wellness a priority
…you know what you want but lack the clarity or motivation to make it happen
…you have goals you’ve been unable to reach on your own
…you want an advocate who will hold you accountable
…you wish for the time and space to focus on you, your needs, and desires


Experience the benefits of a regular and intentional practice.

Join our small group classes from your home and learn the essentials of a supportive practice. Classes include somatics, mindfulness, breathing, and meditation.

Inspired by my immersion in the art and science of meditation and yoga, my intention is to provide a safe sanctuary of personalized guidance and transformative teaching.


Your life changes when you change. You can begin life-changing transformation through the practice of meditation.

“The Instinctive Meditation® approach is a way of learning and practicing meditation so that it becomes the most natural thing in the world for you – a chance to rest deeply, reclaim your love of life, release tension, and emerge refreshed after a few minutes. This approach to meditation is grounded in the ancient yoga tradition and in the last 50 years of scientific research on the physiology of meditation.”

Whether you are an experienced meditator or new to meditation there is much to explore!



Join our intimate group classes from the comfort of your home and learn the basics of vinyasa yoga and the essentials of a supportive practice.

Classes include somatics, mindfulness, breathing, and meditation.

Benefits of regular practice include:

  • Stress reduction
  • Mental clarity
  • Better posture
  • Improved flexibility and strength
  • Enhanced balance
  • Resilience
  • Balanced energy
  • Gratitude

From our classes, you will find yourself feeling realigned, restored, and renewed!