The body and psyche naturally seek wholeness. Listening to their wisdom is a skill and an art.

Linda Julie


As we grow older, it’s crucial to our well-being that we come into healthy relationship with ourselves, our bodies, and the aging process. Practices that nurture the body-mind have the power to change how we feel about ourselves and how we feel inside ourselves.

If given the opportunity, the body-mind instinctively moves toward recovery and healing. When we learn to listen and attend, it can have a substantial benefit for our health. This sounds simple, and yet so many of us are chronically, exhausted and dissociated.

Embodiment practices use movement, meditation, sensory awareness, and progressive muscle relaxation to cultivate the vital skill of connecting with our self-regulating and healing instincts.

Meditation, yoga, and conscious breathing are among the most powerful and effective ways to restore vital processes of recovery and healing that we naturally have.

Beyond a doubt, we know that having a vibrant body-mind is essential to well-being. Never before has there been so much supportive research to illuminate how practices like meditation, mindfulness, and yoga improve quality of life as we age. By bringing these practices into our routines we can take a proactive approach to self-care and illness prevention, by helping us to remain adaptable, resilient, and balanced.

Instinctive Meditation is a powerful way to meet and come into healthy relationship with ourselves, while allowing the body-mind’s instincts of restoration, regulation, and healing to unfold.

Mindfulness is a quality of attention or attitude that is non-judgmental and curious. Practicing mindfulness helps us to be open to the fullness of our experience and our natural capacities of presence and compassion.

The embodied practices of yoga have the same benefits as meditation and mindfulness with an increased sense of getting in touch with the body, enhancing physical functioning and body-mind awareness.

As the bridge between body, heart, and mind, conscious breathing directly influences the nervous system and is essential to bringing awareness and connection into our practice.

I can show you how weaving these practices into your daily routine has the power to reshape your life. The techniques I share are time-proven, both classical and new, formed from more than 20 years of consistent experimentation and study. By learning the methods I teach, even beginners can experience benefits in a short amount of time, including stress reduction, healthy body image, better stability and balance, more energy, deeper presence, and increased ability to feel pleasure.

Class Schedule

Our senses bring us into the present moment to truly receive life’s gifts.

Monday Wednesday Friday
Moon Meditations & Workshops

7:30 pm

9:30 am Tantra Asana (LII)
11:30 am Seated yoga
(all levels)

12 pm
Guided Meditation (all levels)

9:30 am
Movement, meditation, and breath (all levels)


Instinctive Meditation® is a way of learning and practicing meditation as developed by my teachers Dr. Lorin Roche and Camille Maureen, as a synthesis of tantra and the science of meditation. Integral to this approach is an exploration of breath, body sensing, motion, mantra, mindfulness, energy, and sensual experience. From this wealth and variety of approaches, anyone can find fulfillment and enrichment!

Tantra Asana (Level II)

A deeply intentional fusion of breath, attention, and mindful movement inspired by the primary and secondary series of vinyasa yoga, but more accessible. A foundational, holistic program that includes key postures, conscious breathing techniques, meditation, and mindfulness. Appropriate for those with at least 6 months of experience with vinyasa yoga asana.

Embodied Meditation

Flowing and creative improvisation of movement and embodied meditation, intended to cultivate freedom, fluidity, and creativity in the body-mind. Includes simple movements to cultivate agility, mobility, stability, and creativity. Suitable for all levels, but requires an ability to freely move from standing to seated, and vice versa.

Conscious Breathing

As the bridge between body, mind, and spirit, breathing is the foundation of mind-body health. With practice, conscious breathing improves quality of life by toning the nervous system, relieving tension, enhancing emotional well-being, and lowering stress and anxiety. Our practices are inspired by traditional yoga, integrating the fundamentals of diaphragmatic breathing with expansion into patterns, to ground, stabilize, balance, and energize.

Seated Yoga

Accessible practice with the same benefits of yoga including meditation, breathing, and mindful exploration of movement. Beneficial to improve posture, physical strength, flexibility, and meditative awareness.

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For more on the current mind-body research, check out the resources page.