About me

In 2006, devastated by the trauma of stillbirth and facing burnout and a life near collapse, I found myself in a moment that forever changed my life. In that instant time when time seemed to pause, I experienced what I can only describe as an embodied sense of wholeness and a realization of universal intelligence. From that profound and cathartic realization, my journey of recovery began.

Linda JulieAs I began to seek understanding, I started to sense the “load” of stress, trauma, and karma that I had been holding in my body, mind, and nervous system. When it all seemed overwhelming, I found peace in the healing arts of mindfulness, meditation, yoga, energy healing, and shamanic recovery work.

In 2015, I wrote for the Women’s Initiative:

Healing is a journey that ebbs and flows. Even though there are days when I suffer, I have learned to allow what arises, present to the aliveness of my body and the rhythm of my breath. I practice breathing softly through the pain of irreplaceable loss. I practice compassion and forgiveness of what is. Connecting with the breath, my body, and the powerful presence that restores me, I breathe in, I breathe out, and I begin again.

The experiences of my life have opened me to the work of healing, beginning with my own. I am grateful for the many teachers, coaches, therapists, and healers who have supported me in my continuing process of healing. I weave all I have learned from practice and study into my work as a teacher, coach, and healer – the practical and the esoteric, the scientific and the spiritual, the secular and the sacred. To complement 20 years of practice and experimentation, I have earned more than 500 hours of training in meditation and yoga plus certifications as a professional coach and counselor.


My healing is not just for me, it’s for me to pass on.

Thomas Hubl

More than ever before, we need to integrate the great wisdom traditions with the sciences of mind-body to restore collective health and support us in the challenges we face. I feel inspired and privileged to share this body of knowledge in our modern world.

May my work contribute to the healing of the planet.

May all of us realize true well-being.


November 2023