About me

In 2007, events unfolded that changed me forever. First, in the recovery room alone and in shock following the stillbirth of my daughter, I had a vision of my whole life in a flash of an instant. Then, upon returning home, I found myself eye-to-eye with a hummingbird – a moment when time seemed to pause – and I sensed all of nature and life as one shared consciousness. I came away utterly transformed.

Linda JulieThe stillbirth and the events that followed completely changed me or perhaps brought me back to life. But as the world carried on, I felt alone and overwhelmed by grief. In the year that followed, I was diagnosed with PTSD, depression, two forms of carcinoma, endometriosis, and chronic fatigue. It was clear that my body was sending me a message: love me and listen to me. Traumatized and facing a life-near collapse, I knew I was ready for change.

Under my therapist’s guidance, I began learning about mindfulness. I also started a regular postural yoga practice, which resonated with my training as a dancer. Learning to connect within myself, I noticed my body’s fluctuations, the stress and trauma I was carrying, and how disassociated I had become. I discovered how the combined breathing, gazing, and meditation (“yoga chikitsa”) of Ashtanga Yoga helped me to recover and heal. The more I practiced, the more I became interested in understanding the mind-body connection. I soon embraced a health-oriented lifestyle and made big changes in my life, choosing to go it alone as a single mother. Through the challenges, my daily practice gave me the inspiration and strength to carry on.


My healing is not just for me, it’s for me to pass on.

Thomas Hubl

The challenges of my life guided me to my life’s work. I have personally experienced how the practices and science of mind-body connection hold the power to transform – an impact that extends far beyond myself. With 1500+ training hours in meditation, postural yoga, mindfulness, coaching, plant-based nutrition, somatics, fitness, and lifestyle, I enthusiastically weave all I have learned and experienced into my work as a mentor and guide.

If you’ve read this far, perhaps you are curious about the possibilities for yourself. Maybe you are contemplating change – ready to live differently. Whether you’re prepared to embark on the work of change or seeking a safe place to build your practice, welcome!